Want to talk cost of food, your own home securing a roof over your head and more – the time is coming

Elections in Seychelles is the time for Seychellois Islanders to bring up these issues that are bothering them in a forceful manner. Failing this they will be silenced with their challenges for a further five years and the status quo will remain in place.

One solution is One vote to implement a strong action for a solution that seems beyond the grasp of the suffering Seychellois and meet for once and for all their expectations. This coming election is when every Seychellois is once again as important as their next door neighbour, as the President and his Ministers and as all the MNAs.

Once the Presidential election campaign will start in earnest promises will reappear on the table and those most vulnerable will be targets for false promises and all the campaign hype will be only to ensure Seychelles has no way of differentiating between truth and fiction on programs for government being presented. 

Today in Seychelles two groups have the option to deliver what they have promised since the last elections, and this both groups working in a sort of cohabitation can do so immediately without waiting for an election. One controls the Executive, and the other the Legislative branch of the Government. Both must be asked to speak with action and not with any more promises.

Since the last elections the life of the Seychellois islanders have got harder. cost of food has gone through the roof and families are finding it harder to cope. Electricity prices have gone up, but the disparity between those who have and the big population who have little to nothing has gone even further apart. The old age pensioners and their home carers are feeling just rejected or simply neglected. 

The coming elections is when Seychellois Islanders can straighten all this for once and for all and usher in for each and every Seychellois a new Seychelles.