The need for Order in inherited undivided lands

In the 455 square meters of land that makes up the archipelago of 115 islands and islets of the Republic of Seychelles, land is increasingly becoming a scarce and valued commodity. Its price per square meter continues to escalate as it is being increasingly considered as one of the most valued commodities.

However, there is a group of people who has inherited lands that has never been formalized and sub-divided. Over time the ownership of the property is a bunch of confusion. The inheritors of the property most often cannot afford to formalize and register the inherited lands. Marriage and arbitrary construction of houses on the property can further complicate the ownership of the unregister parcel of land.

It is high time that the Attorney General’s office in collaboration with the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat put together the necessary supportive facilities to assist families that face the above issue. This is becoming an urgent issue since there have been multiple cases where one of the most influential and daring in the family take it upon him or herself to trade heritage land only to be face with considerable problems by the family. 

There is a definite need for a very comprehensive programme to be put together with the objective to assist and formalize all inherited properties on the inhabitable islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.