The Eustache Sardes much photographed iconic traditional home of La Digue

Everyone visitor to La Digue are seen photographing the Sardes Family Home at Anse Reunion. Eustache and Miriam Sardes and their daughter Julienne kept the house standing for generations but since the passing of Mr Sardes some years ago the cost of maintain the wooden structure has become more difficult for Miriam and her daughter Julienne.

Government has a scheme setup to help maintain such listed iconic structures, and this La Digue home is one such building listed already since many years. Can La Digue, or should La Digue be allowed to lose this iconic traditional home?

It is believed that the Government Culture Department has confirmed that they are ready to assist to save the building and that it will take some six months of intense work. The point that is today an obstacle to moving forward is where will the Sardes Family be housed when the work will be taking place. The family cannot afford to go and rent on the open market and it seems that the Department of Culture does not have the budget to assist them with rental accommodation. But as we wait the house is fast deteriorating further and the Sardes Family may be compelled to start repair work on their family home to the best of their ability to ensure that their safety and security is maintained. This will see the style and structure of the original home abandoned as only fast and cheaper brick work can keep the house standing and in a safe enough state for the aging Miriam Sardes and the young children living in the house. 

The loss of this traditional house will be a crime for future generations, and La Digue has already seen many of its traditional homes of days gone bye pulled down and replaced by block work and sturdy modern homes. The time to save the Eustache Sardes Home is now and when discussions are taking place on sustainable tourism, time should be dedicated on the preservation of what Seychelles has as historical treasures.