Team sports in trouble

if anything the recent IOIG has underlined the need to seriously take an in-depth look at the evolution and development of sports here in Seychelles. The pathetic performnc eof both the men’s and women’s basket ball teams has not only disappointed the public but has given rise to a call to cut whatever funding the federation is getting for the national teams, scrape those teams and start from scratch. The public has complained that there are underlying currents of problems which is affecting the proper running of sports and which is making whatever investment made into those federations a waste!

Seychelles football has not done much better. It managed to inch into the semi-finals mainly because of the other two contenders from its pool ending their match in a goal less draw; but at the same time its weaknesses were shown .

The IOIG may have ended for this year, but it is now that the preparations should start for the next edition. Meanwhile congratulations to all the participants be they medal winners or not… „Omwen zot in seye!“