Taking residents of St.Ange Estate in Takamaka District for granted – “Bus Stops with no Busses”

Many years have come and gone and many elections later the residents of St.Ange Estate Upper in Takamaka District are still waiting for the schedule bus run.

Amazingly the road up St.Ange Estate has been tarmacked and Bus Stop  signs clearly painted on the road from the main Takamaka Road right up to the last Block of Flats, but no busses serve that community at all.

Residents smile as they relate the story of two Seychellois who are not from the area seen standing on the bust stop of upper St.Ange Estate waiting for the next bus. When a ‘Taxi Pirat’ appeared and dropped off its passengers with their heavy shopping the two waiting on the bust stop asked when was the next bus because they had been waiting for a long time. They boarded the ‘Taxi Pirat’ fast when they were informed that this was but a “Bust Stop with No Bus”.

Peter Sinon, the Secretary General of ‘One Seychelles’ was the St.Ange Estate with Alain St.Ange the Party Leader last week and heard first hand the challenges of the residents of the area who have to walk very early to get to the main Takamaka Road to find the main SPTC Busses passing Takamaka full with passengers coming from Bair Lazare. The suffering of these residents fall on deaf ears because in rain of in sun they walk the tarmacked road with its bus stop signs but with no bus.