From the Editor’s Desk

Word from the street is forget the government and politics – private sector is key to the island’s economic growth

 Budget time is once again around the corner and the fate of Seychellois businesses will be once more in the hands of politicians who often forget that squeezing local businesses results at the end in strangling the working islanders. The budget debates will dominate the airwaves and television screens for the coming weeks as every politician will be out to try to score points. But are the views of the voters being heard? Who is walking the electoral districts to find out what the people want? . 

Last year we got a sugar tax which was duly approved by our elected representatives as another measure that is good for us, but which Seychellois group were they referring to? Those on a higher income bracket or the working class who are now again worst off than before the sugar tax came into force. The juice they could afford before for their kids is now still being bought but it is only depleting their meagre salary faster and depriving them of another basic commodity. The poor just have no option but to succumb to what politicians lumber them with as they say it is for their betterment. But was it?  

The same for the stop retailing of cigarettes. They stopped it because it is not apparently just done anymore, and now Seychellois families suffer even more because the man of the house buys a packet of cigarettes daily instead of two cigarettes and finishes his box as he sits outside his house contemplating on his hard life. This household is spending more on cigarettes and the daily snack for the school kid only got smaller as priority went to a Dad who is the only breadwinner.

Politicians please discuss your supposedly good intensions with the people who are always copping more hardship from your good ideas that only work for those who are on politician salaries with all their perks and allowances.