Felicity Passon wins gold medals at ‘All Africa Games’

After harvesting 7 gold medals and after breaking and establishing new swimming records for multiple events in the swimming pool recently in Mauritius, Felicity Passon added more gold medals to her name at the ‘All Africa Games’. 

She just loves the water and she swims with a passion that has led the pleasant and unassuming teenager to make Seychelles flag be hoisted twice at the recent All Africa Games held in Casa Blanca Morocco, from the 21st to the 24th August this year. Felicity Passon is the first Seychellois swimmer to win a gold medal at this competition. After the Indian Ocean Island Games her feat in Casa Blanca has most certainly already secured her the title of Sports Lady of the year for 2019!

Felicity has not only been winning medals for Seychelles, but she has done it without the support structure of a team and coach in between competitions. This has not daunted her determination to succeed. Immediately after the IOIG she had participated in the World Swimming Championships in Korea. She had barely returned home when she had to pack once again and head for Morocco, to once again defend her national colours and she did so in a stylish and highly impressive fashion. Felicity secured two gold medals a silver and a bronze medal.

Undoubtedly Felicity has talent, zeal and the focus she needs to succeed. More than ever at her prime she needs to be nurtured and supported so that she can reach the height of her considerable potential. She is eyeing a qualification for the Olympic Games and as this requires more than just talent and determination, soon after returning home from Morocco Felicity will depart to Pretoria South Africa to join coach Rocco Meiring and his team for intensive training.

Locally Felicity evolves under the Flying Fish Aquatics Club and Chairman Neil Puresh had this to say about the swimming prodigee.

“It has been a long competition season for Felicity, one which has included long travels to get to competitions (Mauritius/Korea/Morocco), training with no teams and no coach in between competitions and swimming a full program to increase her chances of winning medals. It was no easy feat and we would like to congratulate her for a very successful season!

Her first appearance at the All Africa Games and she certainly left her mark and did not disappoint anyone who is closely following her exploits! Besides winning medals, she once again established new national records, not only in her events, but also as the first Seychellois swimmer to have won Gold at this prestigious event! With such highs and great momentum of the recent months, we believe this will be a good send off to inspire her to push to even greater heights in her next chapter.”

The Islander Weekly publishes below, Felicity’s results at the All Africa Games courtesy of the Flying Fish Aquatics Club.

One Seychelles Leader Alain St.Ange said.

“This young girl is an inspiration for all of us Seychellois and the epitome that hard work and dedication pays off. She is still very young and at the moment I proudly say that for Felicity even the sky is not the limit. Congratulations to her and her team, I sincerely hope that she will be given all the support she needs to continue to achieve great results. I strongly believe that we have positive youths out there and Felicity is proof of that fact. I am so proud that she finds her origins on La Digue Island and is now flying our national colours high wherever she competes. All the best Felicity. One Seychelles salutes you!”