Felicity Passon – a potential ambassador for the blue economy

This young lady who traces her origins to the quaint island of La Digue, has stamped her name in the annals of the history of the IOIG, by swimming her way to six gold medals in the games. Felicity whose grandfather is none but the well known Gregoire Payet from La Digue island, gave Seychelles reason to hope and feel proud when she just kept making it to the highest step of the podium and shaving seconds of the IOIG official record time of the various events she took part in. by Monday 22ns July, Felicity had become the household name as much as Shrone Austin and other swimmers were in the past. She kept the legacy of female Seychellois swimmers always doing the country proud, intact and even more reinforced. As she reached the finishing spot time and again ahead of her competitors she brought joy to the Seychelles and made the national flag fly from the highest pole; she has show herself worthy of the title of being a blue economy ambassador for Seychelles, if ever such an honor is bestowed on anyone.