Why old age pensioners and their home carers are suffering

Ask political leaders to embrace a period of sacrifice and take home the five odd thousand rupees being earned by old age pensioners and their home carers and hear the insults that will bee echoed, but they all refuse to take up the call on behalf of these very same less fortunate Seychellois who are compelled to live below the poverty line.

In question and answer sessions during door to do visits by ‘One Seychelles’ leaders this question always comes up and today it is regarded as a let down for the Seychellois who were aspiring for a better Seychellois. Understanding the challenges of the people and taking steps to rectify the inequalities in place is not for everyone. Many will dream and propose big projects when the daily life for many remains just a challenge, others will talk nonstop but change nothing for the lives of those who are finding life hard.

One of the Leaders of the Opposition sitting in the National Assembly spoke about the unfair bonusses and gratuity of elected representatives going as far as saying that the people must be at par with them if they are to continue on this gravy train. This call has been reiterated by the ‘One Seychelles’ leadership and Alain St.Ange has said that this will be a point they will state over and over again because it is only fair that it is done. “We hope it is all resolved for thee sake of a fairer Seychelles as we enter the budget discussion period” St.Ange said.